Lesson 1.3. – Software

Lesson 1.3. – Software Since working as a translator is primarily a computer-based occupation, software plays an essential role in your business. Choosing the correct products according to your needs can make your daily work faster and more accurate. The programmes you need range from word processors, antivirus, and backup software to more complicated ones, …

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Lesson 1.2. – Office equipment

Lesson 1.2. – Office equipment Having a personal computer for work purposes only is highly recommended since you must protect your business and your client’s data from unauthorised access, viruses, and other threats. If you only have one computer for both personal and business use, the risk increases, especially if you use pirated software. Furthermore, …

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Lesson 1.4. – Continuing professional development

Lesson 1.4. – Continuing professional development Let’s start with a short video from the Institute of Translation and Interpreting (ITI), explaining why CPD is vital for translators, regardless of their career stage.

Lesson 1.2. – Specialisation

Lesson 1.2. – Specialisation If you are a new translator, you might still be working as a generalist until you determine what specialisation suits you best or the market demands. If you have not yet decided, it might be time to choose a specialisation since clients usually look for specialised translators rather than generalists, and …

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