Course overview

Individual business coaching session

If you are looking for personalized guidance on how to start a successful business as a freelance translator, you have the unique opportunity to book an online 45-minute business coaching session. During this session, you will receive answers to all your questions in relation to starting or growing your business as a freelance translator.

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You can submit all questions beforehand to get the maximum benefit out of your session. Your coach will create an agenda based on your needs when you submit the required information.

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Sessions are available in English, German or Greek.

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Who is this course for?

This session is for translators who are new to the translation business and need a helping hand, and for seasoned translators who wish to improve their skills and visibility in today's competitive translation market.

What is the duration of this session?

The session per se lasts up to 45 minutes.

What happens if I need several sessions?

If you have multiple topics you wish to discuss, it would be best to contact me via email to work out a session plan and your goals. You are welcome to email me at at any time. I usually reply within a few hours.

Course Lessons

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